Good Design

Is the key to 4 Goods.

  1. Good productivity
    Good jig design can helps increase productivity to its maximum which means it will also effectively increase capacity,sales, profits, and reduce working time.
  2. Good Quality
    Increase the quality of the coating by reducing waste and inspection time.
  3. Good Cost
    Reduce the cost of production and enhance competitiveness
  4. Good finished part
    Help make product meets the customer’s requirement, refers to good jig design will effectively help power flow through the coated, plating adhesion surface, and thickness surface.

Jig’s Model Production

  1. Design for customers – design from sample or drawing.
  2. Design follow customer’s requirement – design follow drawing or customer’s needs.
  3. Design follow from existing model – modify

Repair Form

  1. Specific part – paint only
  2. Whole part – repair and replace the wire and all is coated.


Jig can be designed by Drawing.

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