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Mr. Koji Nakamura

Managing Director of Teikuro

According to joining in the same business but different kind of products, we, ZIP METAL WORK INDUSTRY (1993) CO., LTD., have had good relationship with TEIKURO (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. for a long time. Since Teikoku Kuromu Co., Ltd. was established in 1968. In 1985, they expanded their business to Thailand as support site until they was able to registration as company in the name of TEIKURO (THAILAND) CO., LTD. in 1988

Beginning with Ni-Cr Plating for “Carbondioxide Welding Nozzle” which belongs to Daihen Thailand Co., Ltd. in 1990, until Mass Production of Ni Barrell Plating of “Stator Motor Parts” which belongs to NMB could shows strengthness of our relationship. 

Until now, our relationship have been continously strong. It’s not only relationship of “Different kind in same Business” but we have together satisfied customer’s requirement as best as we can do. Besides, we mutually research for each other and have “Reliable relationship” in level of able to exchange comment positively. However, relationship among plating company like that is hardly occur in Japan.

Ambition of Managing Director, Mr. Somchan, is about know-how and equipments. In the past over ten years, We could develop our growth to be the leader of Decoration Plating Business. For example, Introduction ofX-ray membrane thickness guage, Cu-Ni-Cr Plating Line in computer circuit, etc. For that reason, we can keep a lot of well-known Japanese company as our customers

As for future prospects of ZIP METAL WORK INDUSTRY (1993) and TEIKURO (THAILAND) CO., LTD., situation of plating industry in Thailand nowadays is still not so as well as in Japan. Therefore, our future prospects is coorperating at least for purpose that have gain limits and develop closely to plating industry in Japan.